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Explore Your Urban Environment [1st place]

Team: Karin Wannemacher


Explore nature within your city with treasure hunts based on open environmental data

Used data resources:

  1. Tree inventory of Vienna
  2. Basemap.at
  3. OSM
  4. Vienna WFS & WMS Services

Used technologies: jqueryMobile, Leaflet, PostgreSQL

Additional info:

Waste2Fuel [2nd place]

Team: Josip Lisjak; Saša Vranić; Hrvoje Tomić; Tomáš Kliment


App enables owners of orchards and vineyards to give the location of pruned branches in order for biomass producers to pick up the branch pile

Used data resources:

  1. OpenStreetMap
  4. Open Land Use Map
  5. LUCAS
  6. New dataset – Biomass sites

Used technologies: OpenLayers, Geoserver, PostgreSQL, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap

Additional info:

Copernicus WebApp [3rd place]

Team: Gergely Padányi-Gulyás

Web app providing an access to the visualisation and basic calculation on top of Copernicus data

Used data resources: SK, HU Copernicus data

Used technologies: MANGOL web mapping GUI framework

Additional info:

SlovakEye [INSPIRE Award]

Team: Jakub Kočica, Tomáš Kliment

The aim was to publish and share data from Sentinel II mission and basic derivates from this data. We use Level 1C (georeferenced) imagery which covers the area of Slovakia. Final dataset should be accessible trough WMS and WCS

Used data resources: SK Copernicus open data from ESA´s Sentinel 2 mission

Used technologies: Geoserver

Additional info:

Viewer for complex INSPIRE geodata

Team: Kathi Schleidt, Tomas Kliment, Christoph Fink

Project aims to define a method for visualization of complex INSPIRE Features

Additional info:

Fluidhub - Integrated Mobility in Urban Areas of the Danube Region

Team: Roman Pickl

Integrated Mobility in Urban Areas of the Danube Region(https://www.fluidtime.com/de/fluidhub).

Used data resources: Data from Mobility providers (OpenData, OpenAPIs, commercial APIs, Information from Websites), sdi4Apps (especially Parking), Google APIs

Used technologies: https://www.fluidtime.com/en/fluidhub

Additional info:

Manual for SDI4Apps platform

Team: Dmitri, Pavel, Andrea

Developing documentation and examples to SDI4Apps platform

Additional info:

GeoData 4 JIRA - Visualization extension

Team: Pavol Goliaš,Karol Bujaček,Jozef Szadvári,Tomáš Matula,László Nagy,Andrej Ďumbala

Our project is based on GeoData for JIRA extension. This addon is currently used in New Town district in Bratislava to collect requests and suggestions

Used data resources: Issue data from Bratislava New Town citizens

Used technologies: JIRA

Additional info:

SDI4Apps Open Land Use Quality Viewer

Team: Jan Zacharias, Boris Kruzliak, Jachym Cepicky, Tomas Kliment

The main goal of the project was to visualise the quality of land use HILUCS categories provided by the SDI4Apps Open Land Use dataset

Used data resources:

  1. SDI4Apps Open Land Use
  2. Eurostat LUCAS Land Use

Used technologies: QGIS, Postgres DBMS, Geoserver WMS, WFS, WPS, Leaflet mapping JS library

Additional info:


After the initial experience from DanubeHack 2015, we believe it still make sense to create the space, where where people can present what can be done with the open (where relevant geo) data resources, technologies and share ideas, experience and knowledge. With that in mind, DanubeHack 2.0 aims to:

  • collect the evidence about the possible added value generated on top of open (geo) data , related application programming interfaces (APIs) and software tools, identified within the Danube region,
  • explore the potential of citizen science and participation in creating and using value added services and applications,
  • and test the requirements and benefits of INSPIRE, creating and re-using related data and services, including apps demonstrating the possibilities of INSPIRE infrastructure and where possible with use of open Data.

To proof that there is potential, present what’s behind you and your mates! Identify the possibilities, pitch ideas, promote your data, re-use available open data & software technologies to create new data, software, apps, or visualisations! And last but not least meet new people and spent two days in Bratislava close to the Danube river.

Initial list of application domains:


Air, water, soil, protected areas...


Renewables, Internet of Things...

Open Transparency

Open Data, Communities...


Government, Business, Citizens...

Other Areas

Bring and pitch them on Day 1!

In order to support the participants of the event, Initial list of possible resources has been made available.

The list is accessible via:

Simple search list G-Doc Table     
Searchable list of resources Initial list of possible resources
In case you would like to extend or update the list, it is possible to use Resources Form

Form to collect resources

Or send us an email.


Jáchym Čepický Photo

Jáchym Čepický
#Geodata #GeoPython #OpenSource

Jáchym is a developer specialized on map apps and the original author of PyWPS project. He contributes to many opensource projects and is a founding member of OSGeo.cz and a member of Open Source Geospatial Foundation. He works as a (Geo)Python trainer at GISMentors and a technical consultant at Cleerio.
LinkedIn Twitter

Dirk Frigne Photo

Dirk Frigne
#opensource #community #SDI #GIS

In his professional life, Dirk is founder and CEO of Geosparc. He has extensive software development experience as a developer, architect, project manager and has been involved with the development and implementation of numerous IT infrastructures using a variety of technologies on multiple platforms. Dirk is is a member of the advisory board of the Industrial Industry Fund (university of Ghent) and part of the "geospatial datainfrastructure" (GDI) advisory board of Flanders. Dirk is an OSGeo member since 2007, became a charter member in 2013 and is since January 2016 vice president of OSGeo.

Tomáš Kliment
#Geospatial data #Geospatial metadata #Geospatial services #Automation #Bolegweb

Tomáš is a researcher who has been working in several European, regional and local projects focusing on geospatial resources discovery, management and sharing with main focus on data and metadata workflows automation. He recently finished the postdoctoral position funded by the NEWFELPRO program implementing Bolegweb project.

Alexander Kotsev
#SOS #OpenData #GIS #OpenSource

Alex is expert in geospatial data management and interoperability. He currently works at the EC Joint Research Centre.

Codrina Ilie Photo

Codrina Maria Ilie
#OpenData #GIS #OpenSource

Codrina is a technical geographer, an open source GIS user, with research interests in data interoperability in hydrogeology, an active advocate and supporter for the open data initiative. Looking into data policies, as well.

Olav Peeters
#SOS #SensorWeb #OpenData #GIS #OpenSource #e-reporting

Olav Peeters develops and maintains the spatial data infrastructure of the Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (IRCEL-CELINE) including public (real-time) data endpoints, clients for analysing and visualising the data and e-reporting of air quality data. He is also involved in the development of hi-resolution air quality models (RIO-IFDM) and implementing (new) air quality measuring techniques (low cost sensors, woodburn, quality assessment/control).

Sven Schade
#BigData #GIS #SensorWeb

Sven is a geospatial information scientists specialised in the integration of data from multiple sources. He works at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Kathi Schleidt
#Sensor Web #SOS #Measurement Data #Reporting #INSPIRE

Kathi is a specialist for the provision of observational and measurement data within INSPIRE. She coordinated the guidelines for the provision of O&M data in INSPIRE, and developed the European Air Quality reporting data models. She has now founded a startup datacove.eu.

Brooke Tapsall
#community #Business #GIS #satellites #drones

Brooke is a remote sensing scientist turned entrepreneur and drone pilot. She specialises is remotely sensed & GIS data for policy surrport and community development. She currently provides support to various European Commission projects.

Martin Tuchyňa
#INSPIRE #Open Data #eGov

Martin is supporter of geospatial information use, focusing on spatial data infrastructures & eGovenment aspects.


It’s not about winning - it’s about learning and making contacts, friends and networks (so everyone’s a winner!).
A panel of skilled judges will select the best outcomes.

Awards list:

1.Place: 1500€, Airport UAV pack, WebSupport Virtual server V2 for 1 year

2.Place: 1000€, Airport UAV pack, WebSupport The Hosting for 1 year max. size 3GB

3.Place: 500€, Airport UAV pack,WebSupport The Hosting for 1 year max. size 3GB

INSPIRE Award: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10 LTE 32GB Ebony + cover with keyboard

Awards have been supported by:

EC JRC, EEA foundation, E-Pro, HERE, ProNatur, SAŽP, WebSupport


This single sessions hackathon event will be combined with the set of Lightning talks addressing various topics. DanubeHack 2.0 will provide the space as for developing new apps, services and data as well as session offering knowledge sharing via workshops, including the provision of space for discussions on relevant topics.

Day 1 Monday 12.12.2016 08:30 - 20:00

Warm up, by presenting the aim of the event, input data and technology as well as participants. Pitching the ideas into the projects and setting up the project teams, side activities, midhack.

Day 2 Tuesday 13.12.2015 08:00 - 18:00

Day 1 follow up, presentation of the projects outcomes, evaluation and awarding of the best ones and the outlook for the future possible activities.

Indicative programme

Day/Deň Time/Čas Hackathon Author/s Language/Jazyk

Day 1 Thursday

08:30  Registration   EN/SK

 Invitation and introduction of the event

 Organisational intro

Alexander Kotsev,

Martin Tuchyňa

09:30  Data intro (flash presentations)   EN
10:00  Pitching/Collection of the project ideas - 2 mins/per person. Elevator pitches,no slides.   EN/SK
11:00  Coffee break and creating the teams   EN
 Hacking & Lightning talks
    Price of open source with my gives and takes, while working on open source software  Jáchym Čepický
    EU Data Sources  Kathi Schleidt  EN
    Open Geo Data and IoT Revolution  Aleksander Kotsev  EN
    Open geo data endpoints of air quality data in Belgium  Olav Peeters  EN
    SDI4Apps - An Instrument for Unleashing Open Geographic Information  Dmitrii Kozhukh  EN
13:00  Lunch break
 Hacking & Lightning talks
    Open Data @ SK Open Government Partnership  Milan Andrejkovič, Iveta Ferčíková  
    Open community made by Slovensko.digital  Lubor Illek, Jan Suchal         
    Towards Standardization of Slovak Linked Geo Data  Miroslav Líška EN
    Open INSPIRE made in Czecho&Slovakia  Jitka Faugnerova, Martin Tuchyňa EN
15:30  Coffee break    
18:00  MidHack - presenting the achievements and problems teams are facing (3-5 mins each!)   EN/SK
20:00  End of day 1

Day 2 Tuesday



11:00  Coffee break



 Hacking & Lightning talks    
    Power of open source, Business perception  Dirk Frigne  EN
    Potential of UAVs (Drones as a data source)  Brooke Tapsall  EN
    Citizen Science in relation to open data (gathering and use)  Sven Schade  EN
    Promoting the free sharing of geospatial knowledge  Codrina Maria Ilie
13:00  Lunch  
14:00  Hacking & Final presentation flash training for hack team leaders   EN
15:30  Coffe break    


16:30  Final presentations    EN/SK
17:30  Anouncing and awarding the winners    EN
18:00  Conclusions and acknowledgements    EN


What means DanubeHack 2.0?

DanubeHack 2.0 is the second edition of the Hackathon organised in Bratislava (Slovakia) as follow up of the DanubeHack taking place in 2015. Main aim of the DanubeHack 2.0 is to create the space, where those with the interest in potential of Open (Geo) Data can meet, present their ideas, knowledge a discuss the possible ways of further cooperation or project ideas.

When will event take place?

Danube hack will last 2 days, starting on the Monday morning (12th of December 2016) and will last till Tuesday evening (13th of December 2016). For more detailed roadmap and updates in agenda, check regularly this website.

Who should consider to register?

Any enthusiasts willing to show, what can be done with available data and technologies as well as anybody with the interest in improvement or sharing the knowledge with related topics are more than welcome. The same applies for those willing to present available Open Data. Anyway, because of capacity limitations, organisers will evaluate the registration proposals in order to cover thematic and geographical scope of the event.

Why & how to register?

Main motivation to consider your participation should be the willingness to explore or demonstrate the potential of the Open (Geo) Data added value as well as share and collect related information, knowledge and experience. Data produces can also advertise their Open Data and get direct feedback from their users. Geo data by its nature provides spatial delineation for any phenomena we are facing these days. Therefore, despite the primary geodata focus any non - spatial data which can have direct on indirect linkage to location and space will be in scope, independently of their origin. The same will be applied for technology part of the event, where any perspective software platforms, solutions as well as approaches and methodologies will be more than welcome. Initial List of resources (covering identified data, catalogues and related tools) has been made available and will be updated by the organizers, supporters including input received from you. Registration was possible via registration form.

Hackathon and Lightning talks

Hackathon will be primarily focused on implementation of the ideas presented and supported by the teams created from the participants at the beginning. Lightning talks will provide the small enrichment of the event with the short inspirative contributions for the relevant topics.

Why and how to support DanubeHack?

The success and quality of the event is closely linked with the received support and sponsoring. Event can provide unique opportunity to trigger promising ideas, gain new knowledge or uncover smart experts. Therefore, various modules of event supporters/sponsors have been identified:

  • Organisers: Supporters directly involved via financial funding and organising the event with the possibility to shape the scope and direction of the event;
  • Projects: With direct (Financial) or indirect contribution (Support with the Programme, Data, Technologies, Promotional support, Awards for winners, Provision of mentors or members of jury);
  • Partners: With indirect contribution (Support with the Programme, Data, Technologies, Promotional support, Awards for winners, Provision of mentors or members of jury).

How much will event cost me?

Participation is free of charge, based on the registration. Because of the capacity limitations, organisers will evaluate the registration proposals in order to cover thematic and geographical scope of the event. Selected participants will be contacted with further details.

Where & how I will get further updates?

Watch this space regularly, or follow the latest updates via Facebook .

Who else is going to be there?

To provide the support for the hackathon participants, group of mentors with expertise from wide set of domains will be on place to provide the guidance, where needed. Evaluation of the outcomes from the projects established during the hackathon will be undertaken by the panel of skilled judges.

What do I need to bring?

There will be prepared essential set of foods and drinks for the whole event, including connection to the electric and internet networks. Hackathon participants shall bring their tools and enthusiasm.

Do I need to have a team?

No. When the Hackathon kicks off, you’ll have the chance to pitch your idea to all participants, or to join a team you find interesting. Teams may combine or split up according to their interests and goals.

How can I get to the venue?

Hackathon will take place in ImpactHub located in the Bratislava centre. Transport options:

Contact us

For further information, recommendations and support, please use this form, or send us an email: